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Diary of the Year 1921 – Leading Local Events

December 1921

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 31 December 1921

Diary of the Year

Leading Local Events


1 – Robert Ernest Machin, of Jump, Wombwell, killed in a motor accident while returning from his wedding.

Employment provisions of the Education Act came into force.

9 – Collapse of a house at Hemingfield. Inmates miraculously escape

12 – Mexborough Urban Council “censured” by Mexborough Trades Council for failing to provide an adequate water supply.

19 – Mexborough Urban Council, as a result of a special inquiry resolve to reorganise the Fire Brigade.

22- The Rev. A E. Sorby, Rector of Darfield, appointed honorary canon of Sheffield Cathedral.

Resignation of Canon A. E. Sorby from the office of Rural Dean of Wath.

Mr. H. C. Harrison succeeds Mr. W. H. Chambers as president of the Denaby Main Institute.

30 – Retirement of Alderman J. H. Dobson, of Tottenham, for many years resident in Mexborough, after over 30 years in the organising service of the National Union of railwaymen.


  1. Institution of the Rev. F. Briggs, D.D. Vicar of Mexborough’.

The Rev. C. Steele, M.A.. Vicar of Swinton, commissioned Rural Dean of Wath.

Thurnscoe ratepayers approve of the Thurnscoe Council’s cemetery extension scheme.

Residents of Thurnscoe, at a ratepayers meeting, protest against the inefficient and inadequate supply of gas.

Resignation of Mr William Wilde, vice-chairman of the Thurnscoe Council, and managing director of the Hickleton Main Colliery, on his retirement and departure from the district.

12 Presentations to Assistant Commissioner, W.H.Chambers, on his retirement from the command of the Denaby Main Ambulance Corps; and to Superintendent H. C. Harrison, his successor.

16 Mr. Flank Harrison appointed superintendent or the Mexborough Fire Brigade.

Meeting of the Denaby War Memorial Committee Scheme for a public park discussed.


1 – The Rev. Charles Steele, M.A., Vicar of Swinton and Rural Dean of Wath, appointed Vicar of Scunthorpe and Frodingham.

Ministry of Health confirm the Order constituting portions of Conisborough, Cadeby and Denaby Main an Urban District.

2 – Presentations to Mr. H. Watson Smith, retiring manager of the Denaby Main Colliery, upon leaving to become Agent of the Castleford and Glass Houghton Collieries.

3 – Wombwell Chamber of Commerce inaugurated.

3 & 4 – Greek tragedies, “Media” and Iphigenia in Tauris” performed at the Mexborough Secondary School by Miss Penelope Wheeler’s company.

6 – Swinton Parish Church war memorial chapel dedicated.

7- Mexborough Council administration attacked at a meeting ot ratepayers.

14 – A Mexborough girl, Annie Neath, sentenced to death at Leeds for the murder of her illegitimate child at Halifax in January. Sentence commuted.

16 –  Illuminated address presented to Alderman J. H. Watson by the Mexborough Liberal Association in recognition of his long and distinguished service to’ local Liberalism.

17 – Performance of “The Deacon’s Masterpiece” by the Wombwell Choral Society.

18 – Reported to the Darfield Urban Council that many housing Darfield are unfit for habitation.

23 – Ministry of Transport enquiry into the Dearne Valley Light Railway Scheme. Order confirmed.

27 – Unveiling of the Conisborough War Memorial.

29 – Laid meeting of the Conisborough Parish Council.

31 – Government control of coal mining industry ceases.

Performance by Wath Amateur Operatic Society of “Les Cloches de Corneville.”


1 – Great Coal Dispute; general stoppage throughout industry.

3 -Mr. Frank Hodges, secretary of the Miners Federation of Great Britain, addressed a meeting of miners at Conisborough.

4 – Mexborough general district rate reduced from 7s 6d. to 6s.

6 – Performance by Mexborough Amateur Dramatic Society of “David Garrick” and “The Privy Council.”

7 – First election of the new Conisborough Urban Council. Only two Labour candidates returned out pf fifteen.

Unveiling of war memorial shrine in the Goldthorpe Parish Church.

8 – ‘Black Friday”: General strike by Triple Industrial Alliance versus at the last moment by dissension between the members of the Alliance.

Disastrous fire in Oliver Street, Mexborough: one cottage destroyed and two badly damaged: No casualties.

13 – Mr. H. C. Harrison appointed first chairman of the Conisborough Council.

Distress in the district due to the coal dispute. General movement for the relief of wo leading Local Events men and children.

13 –  Mr. J. R. Currier, of Mexborough appointed organist at the Conisboro Pariah Church.

19 – Mr. Cranidge of Oady Leicester, appointed surveyor to the Wath on Dearne Urban Council.

27 – Swinton Council decide to apply for the Urban District to be divided into five electoral wards.

28 – Miners’ delegates reject terms put forward by Government and Mine Owners for settlement of the coal dispute.


17 – Pit Pony Races on Doncaster Town Moor.

21 institution of the Rev. S. T.G. Smith, formerly Vicar of Walkley, as Rector of Wombwell.

26 – Reported that Yorkshire Miners’ Association, has distributed £400,000 in pay and relief in prevailing dispute.


2 – Rev. W. J. Pascoe instituted priest-in-charge of St. Hilda’s, Thurnscoe.

5 – Roll honour unveiled at the Conisboro’ Church.

6 – The Rev. Frank Hutchinson D.Litt., F.R.G.S., instituted as Vicar of Swinton.

8 – Thurnscoe Council. Mr. Wilkinson describes Thurnscoe houses as “kennels that be blown sky high.”

9 – Pit Pony Races at Wombwell.

11 – A Sheffield Communist, Peter Hannon, sent to prison for a seditious speech at Goldthorpe.

16 – Pit Pony Races at Swinton.

18 – Ballot taken of the Mining Industry on the new terms proposed by the Government and the Coal Owners. Heavy majority against acceptance.

Mr. Stephen Seal, Darfield quarry owner, killed in an accident at Morecambe Motor Cycle trials.

19 – National Census taken.

20 – Infant Welfare Centre opened at Denaby Main.

29 – Amalgamation. Swinton Urban Council decline to discuss the question with Mexborough.


1 – War Memorial unveiled at Barnburgh Parish Church.

4 – End of the Coal Dispute. General resumption throughout the industry.

10 – War Memorial unveiled in the Mexborough Free Christian Church.

Destructive fire at the Hull and Barnsley goods station, Denaby Main.

28 – Presentations ti the Rev. W. Keble Martin upon leaving the Vicarage of Wath.

29 – War Memorial unveiled in the Darfield Parish Church.

30 – Mr. Irving Washington, the former county cricketer, resigns his appointment as sanitary inspector to the Wombwell Urban Council to join the commercial staff of the Mitchell Main Collieries.


17 – Presentation to Mr. W. P. Egerton in recognition of fifty years’ service at the Manvers Main Colliery, principally as chief enginewright.

19 – Roll of Honour unveiled in Barnburgh Parish Church.

War Memorial unveiled at High Melton.


7 – St. Leger Day at Doncaster

22 – Technical education centre opened at Wombwell.

23 – Third suicide, by hanging in ten days at Denaby.

25 – Wath war memorial unveiled by Major Johnson.


7-8 – Mexborough Musical Festival

19 – Mr Watson Laidlaw, of Bank House, Mexborough, married to Miss Kathleen Mary Hague, daughter of Mr William Hague, of Swinton House.

22 – Councillor John W Holmshaw, agent of Mitchell Main and Darfield Main collieries, celebrated silver wedding and received presentations from management and employees


13 – War memorial unveiled at the Great Central Station. Mexborough.

24 – Public presentation to Mr. F. Kettle, of Kilnhurst, 45 years a headmaster and for 38 years headmaster of Kilnhurst National School.

27 – Mexboro’ Y.M.C.A. campaign launched.


3 – Rev. F. B. M.A., instituted Vicar of Wath on Dearne.

Herbert Crossley, the Mexborough’ boxer, buried at Swinton.

15-  A dwelling house in Frederick Street, Swinton, totally destroyed by fire, and two families ruined.