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Death of Mr. Percy Phillipson

January 1969

South Yorkshire Times January 18,  1969

Death of Mr. Percy Phillipson

Former Vice-Chairman of Dearne Urban Council and holder of the M.B.E., Mr. Percy Phillipson, died in the Sheffield Royal Infirmary on Saturday, January 11th.

Mr Phillipson (72) of 5 High St, Goldthorpe was one of the Dearne’s most respected residents and a lifelong worker for disabled War pensioners.

A native of Wragby, near Wakefield, he lived at Tiverton Park, Sheffield, before joining the Navy at the outbreak of the Great War. He served at the major encounters of Jutland and Zeebrugge and on his return to Kiveton in 1918 he became secretary of the United Services Fund.

As Chairman of Rotherham War Pensioners’ Committee and of Wath and Dearne Disabled War Pensioners’ Committee, his work was recognised in 1964 by the award of an M.B.E. in the New Year’s Honours list, since that time he had continued to devote his time to the aims of these organisations.

Mr. Phillipson was an Independent member of Dearne Council for 15 years, and was Vice-Chairman of the Council when he left local government in 1945. He was also a former President of Goldthorpe Chamber of Trade.

The family undertaking business was set up in Furlong Road when Mr. Phillipson moved to Goldthorpe in 1922, and was later transferred to High Street. This business was closed in 1963 when the Dearneways Coach Services became the only family concern.

Mr. Phillipson and his only son, Maurice (43), have been partners this firm since 1946. They were responsible for the inauguration of a greatly appreciated first direct service link between this area d Sheffield — the Dearneways link set up in 1964.

Mr. Phillipson was also a founder member of the Discharged Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Aid Fund, an Chairman of Goldthorpe Bitish Legion for 20 years, a President of Bolton Cricket Club, and Chairman of Dearne Athletic Club. He leaves a widow Edith (68) and a son.