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Dearne Rate – Thurnscoe Deficit Reduced

March 1941

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 29 March 1941

Dearne Rate

Thurnscoe Deficit Reduced

A general rate of 18s. in the pound for the Dearne area was announced at a meeting of Dearne Urban Council, at the Council Offices, Bolton, on Tuesday.

The flat rate for the area varies, because on the amalgamation of Bolton, Goldthorpe, and Thurnscoe. Bolton and Goldthorpe had a surplus balance, and Thurnscoe a deficit balance.

Consequently, last year Thurnscoe paid 20s. in the pound, and Bolton and Goldthorpe 18s. This year. However, Thurnscoe have reduced their deficiency, and their flat rate of 19s. is a reduction of 1s.. but Bolton and Goldthorpe’s surplus balance has been reduced to 3d.. and their rate of 17s. 9d. is a reduction of that amount.

Barnburgh is to pay a 16s.5d. rate, which is an increase of 5d. on last year. This explanation was given to the Council by the Chairman of the Finance Committee. Coun. T. Swift. who pointed out that in these difficult times it was impossible for the officials or anyone else to estimate what the expenditure would be in the coming year, but the rate levy would assure the maintenance of all the services.

The Medical Officer’s report that there were 31 births in the area from February 3rd to March 3rd. was accepted. These comprised 15 males and 16 females.