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Dearne Operatic Society’s “The Vagabond King” – Powerful Singing and Acting

February 1939

Mexborough and Swinton Times February 17, 1939

Daring Choice
Dearne Operatic Society’s Spectacular Show
Success Of “The Vagabond King”
Powerful Singing and Acting

Since 1931 the Dearne District Operatic Society have been systematically administering surprises. For their first show they chose “The Mikado,” and there followed several big enterprises for a smallish organisation.

Their daring succeeded, and Dearne rapidly won a high position among Societies in this area.

But their past achievement did not prevent many observers from believing that in selecting “The Vagabond King” for this year’s production they had succumbed to o’er-vaulting ambition. And now a further surprise awaits the sceptics who visit the Goldthorpe Welfare Hall this week.

For this show is really good.

Like many of the Dearne Society’s previous shows, “The Vagabond King” depends to a particular degree on the singing. Often this quality is not at a premium, and the right handling of dialogue, funny business, and dancing will win the maximum reward. But for “The Vagabond King” there must be good voices and plenty of them. Somewhere the Society found all they needed—found them, with one exception, within their own area of supply.

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