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Dearne Council Elections – South Ward

March 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 26, 1927

Dearne Council elections
South Ward (six seats)

Archibald Fouchard, 29 Chapel St, Bolton
Colliery Worker (Socialist) 586 (for three years)

Percy Philipson, Furlong Road, Goldthorpe,
Master Joiner (independent), 556 (three years)

John Petty, Chapel St, Bolton
Retired Miner (Socialist), 530 (two years)

George M Rowley, Wath Road, Bolton
Miner (Socialist), 510 (two years)

Frederick Heeley, The Crescent, Bolton
Miner (Socialist) 501 (one year)

James W Beckford, Park End Rd, Goldthorpe
Chemists Assistant (sources), 477 (one year)