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Councillor Challenged to a Fight – Uproar arises on vote of Censure

February 1927

Sheffield Independent February 9, 1927

Councillor Challenged to a Fight
Uproar arises on vote of Censure

Exchanges at the Bolton on Dearne Council meeting last night were piquant, angry and humourous.

A vote of censure was ruled a Mr C N Newell, as a result of his alleged attitude at a Government enquiry into the Council’s refusal to grant a licence for a bus service from Goldthorpe to Doncaster for Mr L Parker.

Mr G F Rumble, moving the vote of censure, said that Mr Newall had said at the enquiry, at which he had given evidence in favour of Mr Parker, that he was pleased that the Dearne Valley trams had proved a failure. Any person who admitted that was not a fit and proper person to sit on that council.

“A Dirty Action.”

Mr Newall replied that he expressed his views, as any man was entitled to do. “I think this is a dirty action on the part of Mr Rumble.” He went on “simply because the elections are coming on.”

Mr Vaughan said he regretted very much a position this Newell at taken up, especially as he was rather inclined to think that it was Mr Newell who moved that Mr Parker should not be allowed to run a service from Great Houghton to Mexborough.

Mr Newall said he went to the inquiry was no intention of causing ill feeling in the Council, was under the impression that the licence was for a service between Bolton and Doncaster.

Considering the years he had served on the Doncaster Guardians, he thought he was entitled to suit his own convenience.

Mr Fowler said Mr Newall’s conduct was disgusting.

Mr Vaughan: If ever there was a big spoilt bairn in Goldthorpe, it is Mr Newall.

Mr Newall heatedly: I won’t stand it. Let us go outside and fight it out; I am no coward.

Mr Vaughan: I will repeat what I said: “You are a great, big, spoilt bairn, without brains.”

Mr Newall said he thought it was a disgrace he should be spoken to like that.

Although moved and seconded, the vote of censure was not put to the meeting.