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Coal Strike Ended- Work Resumed Yesterday

November 1920

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Saturday 06 November 1920

Coal Strike Ended

Work Resumed Yesterday

The Ballot

Adverse Vote Fails to Confirm Strike

The Governments terms for a settlement of the coal strike, accepted by the Miners Federation on Thursday week, and recommended to the mines for acceptance, were submitted to a ballot of the miners on Monday and Tuesday, and there was a slight majority against acceptance, due to heavy hostile vote in Lancashire, Cheshire, South Wales and Notts. All the other districts return a favourable majority. Yorkshire being 2 to one in favour of acceptance.

The Miners Executive, in view of the fact that the adverse majority did not amount to the two thirds necessary to continue the strike, finally accepted the governments terms, and declared the strike at an end, recommending an immediate resumption of work. Work was resumed yesterday, and it is anticipated that the coal mines will be in full swing again today, the strike having lasted 16 working days.

Back to Work

“Business as Usual” at Most Pits.

The miners have been quick to resume work, and nearly all of the pits are now working normally again.

Reports from the various pits yesterday (Thursday) morning were as follows:


A few men are at work clearing roads etc. No official inspection as yet been made, but it is thought that there will be little delay in getting back to normal working.


Ready to start for work right away. About 50% of the men signed on at work already

Manvers Main

Between 40 and 50% of the men turned up to start work at the three pits. He said amount of coal which was on the roses been drawn. Supplies of coal are been sent to the byproduct plant to ensure supply of gas for the district.

Barnburgh Main

About 50% of the men at work. Hope to be winding coal on Friday morning

Hickleton Main

A good number of the men engaged on cleaning up. A proper start will be made on Friday morning.

Wath Main

Working Normally

Goldthorpe Colliery

Work not started yet. Commence Friday.


About half the men at work. Ready to reabsorb all the men.

Thrybergh Hall

Will be working normally on Friday.

Well at some of the pits in the Wombwell district many of the datallers started on Wednesday night, it will probably be Monday before work is again in full swing

Over 60 datallers went on duty at Wombwell Main on Wednesday, is expected that Caldwell will commence their today (Friday). Call will probably be drawn at Darfield Main today also, and at Mitchell Main tomorrow (Saturday). A speedy resumption will be made at Houghton Main and Dearne Valley, the nightshift men going to work last night (Thursday).