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Children’s Puppet Show – Clever Bolton Performance

June 1939

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 16 June 1939

Children’s Puppet Show
Clever Bolton Performance

Some of The Children With Their Puppets.

No dramatic criticism is necessary in recording the entertainment given by Miss F. M. Law’s infants at the Priory Road School, Bolton, this week. The laughter of a delighted audience explained it all, and the little performers had as much fun as their parents: it was a puppet show and skilfully done. This novel idea was to the credit of Miss F. Grose, who trained the children and who assisted them in the making of their own puppets. The children stand behind a neatly draped outsize in Punch and Judy boxes, and below the level of the little curtained stage. They insert their hands into the glove-like base of the puppets and by manipulating their fingers make them bow, dance, fight, scratch their heads and leap about in glorious fatuity.

The performance was in the finest Greek tradition with prologue and prolocutor, and between a few “playlets” embraced a dramatic presentation of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

The children were naively perfect, and it would be unfair to individualise.

The headmistress explained that not only were they all obviously enjoying themselves, but it provided valuable speech training for the shy ones, and made them take a pride in their handiwork.