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“Can You Beat Their Claim?”

November 1968

South Yorkshire Times November 23, 1968

“Can You Beat Their Claim?”

The search for the youngest great-grannie in the area continues. In spite of an impressive claim to the title made in the “South Yorkshire Times” two weeks ago by Mrs. Bella Havenhand of Caernarvon Crescent, Bolton, she has been beaten by three people already.

It seemed last week that the title would surely go to Mrs. Ivy Harper, of Lime Grove, Conisbrough who, we were informed by her neighbour Mrs. Mary Holmes, ‘ became a great-grandmother at the age of 55, seven years ago.

Even this claim has been beaten however — by two people!

Last week the “South Yorkshire Times” received two letters proclaiming that Mrs. Margaret Annables, of 89, Rookery Road, Swinton, became a great-grannie at the age of 54. One from was Mr. L. Annables and the other from Mr. and Mrs. Annables’ daughter. Mrs. S. Clare, of 18, Cherry Grove, Conisbrough.

Mrs. Clare says: “My mother became a great grandma at the age of 54, thus making my sister, Mrs. Joyce Licence, of 10, Grange Road, Swinton, a grandma at 34 years.

“The third member of the generations is Mrs. Licence’s daughter, Mrs. Sheila Ogley, of 5, Edlington Street, Denaby, and for the fourth generation is Mrs. Ogley’s daughter, Marie, who is now three years old.

“Marie is the first of the five generations born to Mrs. Annables, of Brameld Road, Swinton, and not baby Paul Harvey of Mexborough as stated in a previous issue.

“Mrs. Annables is a sister-in-law of Mrs. McCall, the first claimant to the title.”


When it seemed that this letter would clinch the title for Mrs Annables  we received a further letter from Mrs Mary Shephard, of 44, Ingsfield Lane, Bolton, informing us that her mother Mrs D Pattison, of 20, Hanover St, Thurnscoe, also became a great-grandmother at the age of 54 and a granddaughter Mrs Linda at sets gave birth to a son, Michael two years ago.

The family is in fact a five generation one with great grand mother Mrs F Cook,  Wath Rd, Bolton now 83 years old.

So we still have no outright winner for the youngest grandmother title, though Bolton people certainly seem to be putting in a strong bid for it.