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Brazil Art Exhibitions for Bolton Chemist

September 1957

South Yorkshire Times September 28, 1957

Brazil Art Exhibitions for Bolton Chemist

An exhibition of oil and watercolour paintings by the English artist, Vincent Ibberson, whose parents Mr and Mrs B Ibberson, live at 48 Furlong Rd, Bolton on Dearne, has recently been shown by the Brazilian Society of English culture in Rio de Janeiro.

Began at Cortonwood

Mr Ibberson, with superintendent of a large Rio de Janeiro chemical Works, is 37. He started painting watercolour in 1951 and two years later began his studies under Ivan Serpa at the Museum of Modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

He is a former student of Wath grammar school, and began his working career as a chemist at Cortonwood Colliery by product plant. While at the colliery, he attended Sheffield University four evenings each week, and eventually graduated in chemistry at London University.

A self-taught watercolour painter, Mr Ibberon participate in the first exhibition of the “Grupo Fentre” in 1954, and in the following year, some of his work was shown in an exhibition held in the Museum of modern Art of Rio de Janeiro.

For the past three years, he has exhibited in the national “”Salso” at the Museum, and took part in the exhibition of contemporary Brazilian painting at Montevideo in 1956 and at Buenos Aires in the current year.

“Has Talent”

Of the 29 pictures which have been exhibited by the Brazilian Society of English culture, seven watercolours – which are old studies – and the remainder, oils.

An article on the society exhibition, which was published in the Rio de Janeiro paper “Diario de Noticias” on September 3 states:

“this young painter, who discovered art only six or seven years ago, has talent, and knows how to express it.”