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“Borrowed” A Magneto.

September 1929

Mexborough and Swinton Times  September 27, 1929

“Borrowed” A Magneto.

At Doncaster on Saturday Harold Leeming (29), miner, of Bolton-on-Dearne, was fined £2 for having stolen a magneto valued at £2 belonging to Henry Williams, of St. Mary’s Road. Goldthorpe.

Arising from the evidence, a summons was taken out in court against Ronald Hopper, miner, of 124. Furlong Road Bolton, for aiding and abetting, and he was fined £1.

Williams said he formerly lived with Hopper, and left his motor-cycle at his house. Later he found the magneto was missing from the machine, and he informed the police. He did not wish to press the case.

Hopper gave evidence, and said that an September 16th Leeming went to him and asked for a pair of pincers, saying he wanted to borrow a magneto. Witness gave him permission to take the one of Williams’s machine.

Sergeant Downs said that when charged Leeming replied “I have not stolen it Ronnie Hopper said I could have it.”

Leeming said Hopper gave him permission to take the magneto.

The Clerk (Mr. C. R. Thurston) conferred with the magistrates, and Hopper was then charged with aiding and abetting.

Hopper said he and Williams had been big pals, and as Leeming’s motor-cycle was broken down and he wanted to go to work at Grimethorpe, witness told him he could take the magneto, as Williams had not is machine licensed.