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Bolton’s Wife Sad Story

December 1909

Barnsley Chronicle December 18, 1909

Bolton’s Wife Sad Story

Emma Wilson, a married woman, of Bolton on Dearne, told the Doncaster West Riding magistrates on Saturday the story of how her husband had deserted her on October 25.

He had left her and the children without food in the house for three days, she said, had kept her out of doors until 12 o’clock at night in pouring rain, and refused to work for days at a stretch, and had repeatedly got drunk.

The complainant now asked for a maintenance order, but said she only required the custody of the baby (seven months), as she had no home to go to. The two elder children were at her husband’s mother’s house.

The Bench made an order that defendant should allow his wife 15 shillings per week maintenance, the complainant to have the custody of the three children