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Bolton’s National Kitchen.

October 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 15 October 1919

Bolton’s National Kitchen.

Arising out of the accounts concerning the National Kitchen Movement, the Bolton-upon- Dearne Urban Council had a lengthy discussion at last night’s meeting.

Considerable difference of opinion has existed regarding the point as to whether there was any necessity for kitchen in the Dearne Valley, and last night’s discussion concerned the passing of an additional cheque for the kitchen.

In quelling further argument, the chairman the Council (Councillor Probert) said the Council should pass the accounts, and then if it was desired a public meeting could be held, and the ratepayers could hear both sides of the question, and decide which was right and which was wrong.

The accounts were eventually passed, and was decided to have a special meeting to go into the accounts of the Food Control and the National Kitchen.

The Chairman said he hoped it would clear the air a little.