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Bolton’s “Grand Old Lady.” – Hale and Hearty at 91

December 1908

Mexborough and Swinton Times December 5, 1908

Bolton’s “Grand Old Lady.”
Chats With A “Times “Representative.
Mrs. Davidson’s Remarkable History.
Hale and Hearty at 91

Through the dense fog of Wednesday afternoon last, a ‘Times” representative eventually found his way to No. 12, Ladycroft, Bolton. The object of his journey was to gain an interview with one of the most remarkable old ladies in South Yorkshire.

A couple of raps brought to the door of the cottage the lady he desired to see, Mrs. Ellen Davidson, who had passed the 91st milestone of a notable career only a few days previously. It was not the reporter’s first visit to No. 12, Ladycroft, but it was the first occasion on which he had had the good fortune to discover Mrs. Davidson at home.

Responding to a cordial invitation to “Come in,” he found himself in a little front parlour where all was neat and trim and clean.

Mrs Davidson led the way to the cosy little kitchen at the back. Here there was a good fire burning, and on the hearthrug there was peacefully reposing a tabby cat, which appeared to be contented with its lot in life. Taking a chair which Mrs. Davidson placed in front of the fire, our representative inquired after the old lady’s health.

“Well, I’m not feeling quite so well today,” she said.

“I suppose this weather doesn’t suit you very well. The fog must have an effect upon one so old as yourself,”

“Oh no! it’s not the weather. I can stand this sort of weather a great deal better than I can stand the heat.”

“And you were ninety-one-last week ?” “Yes, ninety-one. I’ve seen a few things happen in Bolton.”

“I believe your father served under the Duke of Wellington, did he not?”

“Yes, he was the Duke’s cook for eight ……. Article continues”