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Bolton’s 300 Houses.

February 1919

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Thursday 13 February 1919

Bolton’s 300 Houses.

At a meeting of the Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council, the Clerk (Mr. J. L. Hawksworth) called attention to the Government’s latest housing proposals, which he said would result in hundreds of thousands of houses being built.

It was in reality what local authorities had been fighting for. Mr. Hawksworth advised the Council to make an effort to raise loans locally for housing purposes.

It was reported that a Local Government Board inspector had examined the Bolton Council’s scheme for 300 houses (prepared before the war), and amending suggestions by him were adopted, a commencement to be made with the scheme as early as possible.

It was decided to arrange a public meeting for the purpose of considering the question of local war memorials.

Dr. Burman reported that the recent influenza epidemic caused 55 deaths in the district.