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Bolton Urban Council – Trade Unions Bill – District Clear of Smallpox

May 1927

Mexborough and Swinton Times, May 20, 1927

Bolton Urban Council

Protest against Trade Unions Bill
District Clear of Smallpox

The Trade Unions Bill

The resolution moved by Mr A Fouchard, “registered an emphatic protest” against the introduction of the Bill, and asked that it be “unreservedly withdrawn,” as it constituted “a vicious attack on British workers – including employees of local government bodies.

Mr Baldwin repeatedly appealed for “peace in our time,” but the Bill, and his recent action in guillotining discussion on it, were movements in the opposite direction. He did not for a moment suppose that Mr Baldwin would take any notice of the opinion of the Bolton Urban Council, but he did want their protest uncles entered on the books.” The bill was a “biased piece of class legislation.”

Mr J Petty second, said a unanimous resolution of the time ought to draw from all local societies. The Bill was an attempt to take from the workers the only defence they have had for a hundred years.”

Mr GB Edwards asked if the resolution was in order. Was that a political meeting or a local government meeting?

The Chairman said it was a meeting of a local government body, but so long as the discussion was kept to the effects of the Bill on their own servants he would allow the resolution to go through.

Mr G Probert said he was glad of the chairman’s ruling. The action of “that puny Urban Council” would not have any effect on “the reactionary government of this country,” and the Bill will be on the statute book in the near future. Other people are better able to deal with it there, but it did affect that Council in its interference with their servants, and they were there to carry out Acts of Parliament.

Mr JR Horn said he had made up his mind not to enter into any political discussion. That was a political question, and you would not alter any comments on it.

The resolution was carried, Messrs Horn and Edwards refraining from voting.

No more smallpox

Earlier in the meeting the Council received with pleasure the announcement of their medical Officer, Dr J.W.K.Morris that the district is clear of smallpox. No further cases and be reported since the two referred to in his last monthly report.

Since the epidemic they had had 11 cases, all traced from outside the district. They had had no secondary cases.

Mr J Rumble asked if it was possible for a man to be sent to the isolation hospital diagnosis smallpox and to be out again in a fortnight. He did not want them to be paying the cost of the patient who had no smallpox at all.

Dr Murray said the discharge of the patient was a matter for the medical superintendent of the hospital.

Mr Rumble: he is a Goldthorpe patient, and I don’t want himto be charged to us if he hadn’t smallpox at all.

Dr Morris: I know what you want me to say, but I’m not going to say. (Laughter)

Mr Holland remarked that another point behind Mr Rumbles question was the danger of the man having been discharged to soon. But that appeared to be satisfactory cleared up by the Medical Officer report that they were clear of the disease and that they had no secondary cases in their district.