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Bolton Urban Council – Smallpox Danger

April 1927

Mexborough Swinton Times April 15, 1927

Bolton Urban Council

Smallpox Danger

Mr T Taylor  presided at a meeting of the Bolton upon Dearne Urban District Council on Tuesday. Mr Taylor, who was defeated at the recent election, taking his leave of the Council, thanked the officials for their courtesy and help.

Mr CW Newall (vice chairman) who is in the same position, also made his acknowledgements, and expressed the hope that the Council will try to do their duty towards all ratepayers.

Smallpox Danger

The Medical Officer reported that there have been 35 births, a rate of 23.4 and 23 deaths, a rate of 15.4.

There are also been 10 notifications of infectious diseases, including three of smallpox. Since the report was made there have been four other cases of smallpox.

Mr Cohen asked if there was any grave danger from smallpox.

The Mental Officer replied that they were by no means clear.

Mr Barker Mr Edwards expressed their appreciation of the services or the medical staff during the year and Mr Fowler spoke appreciatively of the services of the overseers. As an overseer, the chairman returned thanks.

The chairman and Mr Newell were also thanked.