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Bolton U.D.C. – Proposal to Amalgamate With Thurnscoe, Barnburgh and Hickleton.

September 1930

Mexborough & Swinton Times – Friday 05 September 1930

Bolton U.D.C.

Proposal to Amalgamate With Thurnscoe.

Barnburgh and Hickleton.

The members of Bolton Urban Council were in secretive mood at their monthly meeting on Monday, Mr. T. Vaughan presiding.

The press was admitted after a delay of almost half-an-hour, a period which exceeded the length of the public session, during which item after item went “into committee.” The members’ first duty was to express sympathy with Mr. A. Fouchard on the death of his wife.

 The Brickworks.

Mr. C. Padley called attention to a minute of a special meeting which stated following an interview with the Ministry of Health “that the Council complete the present contract at their brickworks * and that in the meantime no further contracts be entered into for the supply of bricks.”

Mr. Padley asked if further details could be given.

Ald. G. Probert: That matter will come up at an appropriate time. This Is not an opportune time for discussing such a question.

A Sad Delay.

Mr. Padley then referred to the High Street improvement scheme. “I am hoping that in the near tutors we shall be getting along with this scheme,” he said. We are wanting work for our unemployed; plans have been rushed through by our officials, and we have done everything to expedite, the work. It is time we now got a move on. It is sad to think it has lapsed after the hard work that has been put in by our officials and this authority.”

Ald. Probert, while agreeing with Mr. Padley’s remarks, said the County Council was not holding itself responsible for any scheme subsidised by unemployment grants, loans. He thought it was up to the Council to spur on the County Council, and he moved that a deputation, consisting of Messrs. Vaughan, Padley, and Barker, with the, Clerk, should visit Wakefield. He moved that that step he taken. Ald. Probert’s resolution was carried.

Greater Bolton.

The Council unanimously agreed to the following resolutions which were passed at a special meeting:

“That is the opinion of this Council it is desirable that the area of the Bolton-upon-Dearne Urban District be extended so as to include the parishes of Barnburgh and Hickleton, both in the rural district of Doncaster, and that a proposal to this effect be submitted to the County Council.”


“That all possible steeps be taken for the amalgamation of the Bolton-upon’ Dearne Urban District and the Thurnscoe Urban District, so as to form one unit of local government, and that a proposal be submitted to the County Council in support of such amalgamation.”

Conference Expenses.

Following a recommendation from the General Purposes Committee, the Council I agreed that the following new scale of allowances for members attending conferences, etc.:

25s. per day for overnight conferences; 15s. for all day conferences; 10s , for part day conferences; plus. in each case, first-class railway fares.

The recommendation was moved in committee by Mr. Fochard, seconded by Ald. Probert, while an amendment by Messrs, Bailey and Barker agreeing to the scale with the exception that only third class railway fares be allowed was defeated.


Ald. Probert was nominated for a seat on the sub-committee of the South Yorkshire Regional Advisory Water Committee. Ald. Probert accepted nomination on the understanding that he be allowed to withdraw if desirable in favour of a nominee of the Dearne Valley Water Board.


The estimate meeting was fixed for Oct.14th

The question of laying a cycle track in the Welfare grounds has been deferred.

The Medical Officer’s report for the month ended Aug. 16th showed 20 births, a rate of

16.9. and 7 daths, a rate of 5.8. There wort 16 cases of infections diseases.

Messrs. Vaughan, Swift, Barker, and Fouchard have been appointed a subcommittee to go into the question of an application to the Unemployment Grants Committee in connection with the erection of public conveniences.