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Bolton-on-Dearne Streets – Magistrates’ Decision

October 1907

Barnsley Chronicle, etc. – Saturday 12 October 1907

Bolton-on-Dearne Streets.
Magistrates’ Decision

At the Doncaster West Riding Police Court on Saturday, Mr. Q. B. C. Yarborough (chairman) gave the decision of the magistrates in the Bolton-on-Dearne Private Street Works case, adjourned from the previous week, in order that the Bench might inspect the rood in question.

The proposal was that the Bolton-on- Dearne Council should make, flag, channel, etc. (under the provisions of the Act), Ladycroft Lane.

Mr. James Taylor objected on the grounds that the lane was not a street within the meaning of the Act; that there had been informalities with regard to the plans and notices, and that the proposed work was unreasonable and the expenses excessive.

The Chairman said the total cost of the work was £129 15s. 9d., of which the Council were prepared to pay £86 10s. 6d., leaving £34 I2s. 2d. for Mr. White, and £3 13s 1d for the other owner property, who made no objection.

The Bench, decided on all grounds against Mr. White’s objection, and wished to add that when the works were completed the public authority ought to take the road over and maintain it in proper repair. They expressed no opinion as to whether it was to be made a highway or not. Each side was ordered to pay its own costs.