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Bolton-on-Dearne Objection to Armistice Day Service

November 1927

Sheffield Daily Telegraph – Wednesday 02 November 1927


Bolton-on-Dearne Objection to Armistice Day Service.

The Bolton-on-Dearne Urban Council last night fixed the following rates for the ensuing half-year;—Poor rate, 3s. 4d. in the £; general district rate, 4s. 6d. in the £.

The Council decided to accept invitation to hold Armistice remembrance service in the Parish Church on Sunday next. When the invitation was read, Mr. A. Fouchard said that he for one would not attend the service. He was one of fhose who believed in trying prevent war, and not to commemorate it. He believed there should be never-ending propaganda to prevent war, instead of yearly commemorating it, which seemed to be the attitude in this country.

The Chairman (Mr. T. H. Barker) said there were others in Bolton who had lost relatives in the war, and who were perhaps just as bitter as Mr. Fouchard, but that did not prevent them remembering those who had gone.