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Bolton Nurses Death

November 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 9, 1918

Bolton Nurses Death

The news of the death of Nurse Elsie Pickard was received with great regret. She was qualified nurse at the Beckett Street infirmary leaves, and had just been promoted to Sister.  Only a week previous she attended the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. A. Stansfield, when she seen in good health and full of vigour.

She died after a very brief illness. She was well educated and adopted nursing as a profession; well liked and esteem by all with whom she came in contact.   She had being nursing 3 ½ years.

The interment took place in the Bolton Cemetery on October 31st amid many tokens of sorrow. Many wreaths and gloves were sent, including a large and beautiful globe for the nurses, matron and doctors.

Many were the letters of sympathy received.

She was born to the grave by Miss F Ashton, Miss L.Lunn, Miss F.Middleton, Miss A Downs, Miss E Pocklington and Miss H Trickett