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Bolton Man Outlived His Coffin by 33 Years

June 1958

South Yorkshire Times June 14, 1958

Bolton Man Outlived His Coffin by 33 Years

The death has occurred of a Bolton man, Mr. Jack Poole, for whom a coffin was made , a grave was dug and funeral arrangements were made nearly 33 years ago.

Mr. Poole (82), 21. Furlong Road, Bolton was buried in an underground root fall in the Barnsley seam of Wath Main colliery in November 1925, and after he had been entombed for five days and nights he was given up for dead.

Another man was killed in the roof fall and a third man escaped with Mr. Poole but died about five years after the accident.

The two men were without food or water for five days. On the assumption that Mr. Poole was dead. his relatives had a coffin made and a grave dug in Bolton cemetery. Bearers were also picked for the funeral and wreaths and flowers were ordered.

Mr. Poole lived to celebrate his Golden Wedding. His wife died a  year later in 1951. He also lived to be an octogenarian, celebrating his 80th birthday in September, 1955.

Mr. Poole was an honorary member of the R.A.O.B