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Bolton Husband’s Cruelty

April 1907

Sheffield Daily Telegraph, April 1, 1907

Bolton Husband’s Cruelty

A collier name Friend Cooper, of Bolton on Dearne was summoned at Doncaster on Saturday for persisting cruelty to his wife, Amelia.

Complainant’s allegation was that she had been repeatedly assaulted by her husband, who threw the pots and pans at her, and on Saturday struck her in the mouth and turned her out of the house.

She said that he frequently came drunk from “the club,” and then assaulted her.

Just after they were married he thrashed her, and she left him, but went back on his promising to treat her better. She did not complain of the money he gave her.

Defendant admitted that he had struck his wife three times since he was married, and they had been married three years, and each time he was drunk.

A separation order was made, with an allowance of 10 shillings per week for the wife and costs.