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Bolton Girl’s Death – Possibly Due to Playground Accident

January 1928

Mexborough and Swinton Times January 20, 1928

Bolton Girl’s Death.
Possibly Due to Playground Accident

The death of Ivy Braddock (13), 13. Edna Street, Bolton-on-Dearne, was investigated by Mr. Frank Allen at the Montagu Hospital on Monday.

Dr. J; A. Lee said that the child was admitted to the hospital on. December 9 suffering from inflammation, of the mrrow of the left thigh bone. There was no outward sign of the injury, and the case was diagnosed by  temperature, local swelling and pain.

The girl had a very high temperature. An operation was performed and the disease discovered. The child died early on Saturday. He understood that the child suffered an injury to the leg two years ago. The disease might have been due to an injury or to an infectious disease such as scarlet fever or typhoid fever. A carbuncle or a boil might poison the blood, but there was no sign of either.

The Coroner The child fell down in November last.

Dr. Lee : If it was so recent as that it was quite possible that it was the cause.

Margaret Simons, married, 13, Edna Street. Bolton-on-Dearne, gave evidence of identifications. She first heard the child complain on the Saturday before she was admitted to hospital, and Dr. Doyle attended her and ordered her removal.

Annie Rough (13). of 15, Edna Street, Bolton-on-Dearne, said Ivy fell in the school playground, which was asphalted, about a fortnight before she was admitted to hospital. She injured the left knee, but did not complain of pain.

The Coroner : This is a funny thing. The mother never saw any wound.

Dr. Lee  quite feasible. You can get it after a most trivial injury.

A verdict of “Accidental death” was recorded.