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Bolton Embezzlement Case – Druids’ Secretary Sent To Prison.

September 1907

Barnsley Chronicle, etc. – Saturday 28 September 1907

Bolton Embezzlement Case
Druids’ Secretary Sent To Prison.

At the Doncaster West Riding Court, on Tuesday, John Braddock, miner. Bolton-on- Dearne, was charged on remand with embezzling money belonging to the Dearne Lodge of the Sheffield Equalised Druids.

Mr. Bradford, of Rotherham, appeared for the prosecution, and Mr. J. Badditey for the prisoner, who was formerly secretary of the Dearne Lodge.

Mr. Bradford said there were several charges against the prisoner. In the first place he was charged with embezzling the sum of 10s. 10d., which was received by him in small sums of Is. and 2s., and which it was his duty as secretary of the Lodge to enter into contribution book supplied to him for that purpose, and hand over to the treasurer.

On July 27th prisoner was deposed, owing to what had occurred, and on that date wont to man named Fletcher, from whom he had received contributions, and received two further sums Is. 5d. The second charge was in respect of £4 17s. 6d sick pay due to Owen Chaplin. Instead of taking the money to Chaplin month, prisoner took advantage of the fact that the man lived out of the district, and kept it.

There was further charge in respect of two sums amounting to £1 18s., which prisoner also received for sick pay, when he must have known he was not entitled ask for it, the party being 14 weeks in arrears. It was proposed to deal with only one sum of £4 17s. 6d., prisoner would plead guilty, and (Mr. Bradford) did not wish to unduly press the case. At the same time he must point out that the man was put in a position of trust, and it was mean thing .to rob his fellow workmen of their sick pay. The case was brought as an example to other men.

Formal evidence having been given, prisoner pleaded guilty to the charge.

ln extenuation Mr. Baddiley urged that when prisoner took the money had no intention of defrauding the society and intended to pay it back at some future time. He had a young wife and three children. He was formerly in the York and Lancaster Regiment, which left with good character.

The Chairman said the Bench were sorry to see man who held good character that position, but they could not do less than commit him to prison for one month.