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Bolton Boy Will Play For Yorkshire at Tottenham

January 1951

South Yorkshire Times, Saturday January 6th 1951

Bolton Boy Will Play For Yorkshire at Tottenham

By his selection for Yorkshire against London at Tottenham on January13th, 14-year-old George Ward, 75, The Crescent, Bolton, left back for Bolton Modern School and Don and Dearne, has climbed the first rung of the ladder of his career.

George, also a 100yds. sprint champion, hopes eventually to be a professional footballer.

Although George did not take a real interest in football till he went to Bolton Modern School, it was soon discovered that he was a capable player. He first started his career as a left winger, but soon found that he was better adapted to the left back position.

Just 14, George has played for the school since he first became a pupil there. He has been selected for Don and Dearne, this season and was chosen for them at cricket as a fast bowler last summer.

George’s second love, running—he is a member of Hickleton Main Harriers—will most likely prove to be a huge asset In his football career. He has won numerous prizes at sports meetings in South Yorkshire in the 100 yards sprint. His best time so far has been 11.2 seconds.

George is 5ft. 9in. and has the long legs characteristic of many sprint champions. He hopes to go in for farming to have a safe future when his footballing days are over.

By the way, George, and the members of the Don and Dearne’ team, are confident that they will beat Barnsley Boys in the English Schools Shield match at Denaby to-morrow (Saturday). So look out Barnsley.