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Audition For Trio of Young Players

June 1967

South Yorkshire Times June 3, 1967

Audition For Trio of Young Players

Barry Evans, aged 15, the son of Mr and Mrs S Evans, 65, Broadwater, Bolton, is a guitarist whose ambition is become a teacher music or a first-class classical guitar guitar soloist, and there is every prospect that his ambition will be fulfilled.

He and two school colleagues, John Whittaker (15) of Washington Road, Goldthorpe, and Philip Jackson (15) of Welfare View Goldthorpe have formed a trio.

All are pupils at Dearne side secondary school and they were introduced to the classical guitar nearly 3 years ago my Mr B Baron, peripatetic teacher with the West Riding Education Authority. He gives them tuition at the school one afternoon each week, and in addition they practice together for two hours every day.

The three boys have been auditioned by Granada television in Manchester, and Barry’s parents were this week informed that the audition was successful and the trio were invited to attend the Granada Studios on Wednesday at 11 AM to make a recording and they will be seen on the “Firsttimers” program.

In addition Barry received notification that the tree are to be audition by the BBC and they are on the shortlist appear on the ABC TV programme “Opportunity Knock.”

Barry has no desire to enter into the pop world. He says he fines serious music more rewarding and it offers a greater challenge. After leaving school next year York to study theory and practice for three years at Manchester College of Music.

Barry was accompanied to Manchester by his father, who is employed at Highgate Colliery.