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Armageddon Ended – End of the Great War

November 1918

Mexborough and Swinton Times November 16, 1918

Armageddon Ended
End of the Great War

Germany “Down And Out.”
Submission to the Allies
Drastic Armistice Terms
Allies to Hold Rhineland and Reichland
Disarmament and Surrender
Complete Victory for the Allied Cause
Starving Germans to be fed by The Allies

Victory !

The great war ceased as suddenly as it began. A few preliminary signs of pacification and we were confronted on Monday morning with peace in all the majesty of a sudden silence.

At five o’clock German representatives signed an armistice which, sets forth in black and white the precise nature and extent of Germany’s terrific overthrow.

Six hours later the guns which have been raging ceaselessly in France and Belgium for four and a quarter years fell with a few last angry growls and mutterings to sleep, and over that sinuous front, scarred and scorched and tortured through long years with the din and heat and poison and vibration of organized, mechanical hate, there fell a great and profound peace.

The last shots of the greatest War in history were exchanged round about eleven o’clock on the morning, of November the 11th, 1918.

For one thousand five hundred land sixty-one days the German Empire had fought the forces of civilization and she went’ down.be and on the last day she went down before them with a crash and was broken In pieces. Today there is no German Empire, any more than there is an Austro-Hungarian Empire. The Power which a few short months ago seemed about to achieve the mastery of Europe and to bid defiance to the utmost that its enemies could do, has been brought to the dust.

It has been compelled to submit upon terms not a whit too severe, and yet so severe that the iron has entered into Germany’s very soul at the contemplation of them. They are terms which the Allies have a right to exact. They fall  far short of the punishment which it is still in the power of the Allies different from Germany, and yet they are terrible.