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A Bolton Sanitary Scheme.

September 1919

Mexborough and Swinton Times September 13, 1919

A Bolton Sanitary Scheme.

Mr. H. E. Byrne, Ministry of Health Inspector, held an inquiry at Bolton-on-Dearne on Tuesday into the application of the Council to borrow £2500 for the purpose of privvy midden conversions. There was no opposition and the only Councillor present was Mr. E. H. Large.

The scheme was explained by the Clerk, Mr. J. L. Hawksworth. There are at present 47.38 per cent. of fresh-water closets in the urban district, 4 per cent. of waste-water closets, and 48.53 per cent, of privvy middens. It is proposed to convert, within the next two or three years, 500 of the last category, of which there are, in all, 1507.

The money is required to meet the Council’s contribution, to the cost. The Council’s liability varies according to the circumstances, and under the powers with, which the Council are proceeding, a public Contribution is more or less voluntary.

The Council originally estimated that it would spend £5 a house, against the owner’s £5, upon this work, but a revised estimate shows that the cost would be £7 each. Therefore, unless the Ministry consent to the loan being raised from £2,500 to £4,500, the number of houses to be dealt with by this scheme will be reduced proportionately.

It is intended to apply the scheme to the whole district, and to convert seriatim.

A number of houses have already been scheduled for this purpose, but notices have not yet been issued to the owners.

The effect of the scheme will be to secure a marked improvement in the sanitary condition of the district.