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650 See Clubland Palladium Show

January 1968

South Yorkshire Times January 20, 1968

650 See Clubland Palladium Show

Bolton W.M.C.became the Clubland Palladium on Monday when for the first time in their history they had the honour of staging the annual Command Performance of South Yorkshire Clubland, in the presence of the Chairman of Dearne U.D.C., Mrs E.. Covell, accompanied by her daughter, the Clerk to Council. Mr J. Scott, and an audience of 650.

Credit for this well deserved honour is entirely due to the initiative of Mr. W. Pavia, Club President and the Management Committee, whose enterprise in enlarging the club premises has resulted in one of the finest and largest concert halls in the North, complete with a large stage and modern lighting equipment.

The perfectly balanced show was devised and beautifully produced by Clubland’s Theatrical expert, Bill O’Neill and the programme contained the cream of club artists, many of whom enjoy international fame and reputation

The five hours show was excellently compared by Robbie Peters and Bobby Denver, two first rate comedians. who were quickly on good terms with their audience, and the star acts they introduced were Roland Roy and Jackie Toaduff, Tony Whyte. The Kerrtones, Rita Chappell. Harry Parker, June Rose, the Travellers, George and Patti Kane, Climax Jazz Band, Eddie Kell, Jimmy Marshall, Jackie Shinn, Veronica Dean, Peter Black. Bal Moanc, Derek Round, Dennis and The Ba Ba girls.

The selection of Bolton W.M.C. organist, George Ryder as joint accompanist was recognition well-deserved. His colleague was another accomplished musician, Helga, from Grimethorpe. The stage lighting was efficiently operated by Mr. F. Walker.

This was a night to we remembered and the excellent organisation by officials and staff should augur well for a desired repeat Command Performance sometime in the future.

Some of the performers appearing, in the South Yorkshire Clubland Command Performance” show at Bolton W.M.C. on Monday.

They are Bill OWell (producer). June Rose, Eddie Kell, Veronica Dean. Derek Round, George Ryder and the Ba Ba Girls


A section of the Audience