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Dearne Urban District – South Yorkshire’s Newest Council – Election Results

March 1937

Mexborough and Swinton Times March 26, 1937

Dearne Urban District
South Yorkshire’s Newest Council
Election Results

The results of the Dearne Urban District Council elections were declared at the Welfare Hall Goldthorpe on Monday afternoon.

Four former Labour councillors on Thurnscoe and Bolton urban councils were unseated, their places taken by Independents. In the four wards 4,720 votes were recorded out of a possible 11,076, a percentage of 42.6

The four defeated councillors were Mrs E Keeton (Goldthorpe) and Messrs WH Mabin, CR Turner and G Teece (Thurnscoe)

The last Thurnscoe UDC meeting was held last Tuesday and the concluding meeting of the Bolton UDC was held on Tuesday. The date of the first meeting of the new council has not yet been fixed.

The 27 members, the Dearne UDC is the largest urban council in the district and will use a former Bolton Council chamber for meetings. The council offices at Bolton and Thurnscoe will continue to be used.

The results:

Central Ward (9 members)

David Griffiths, Lincoln Gardens, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist)  966 (for three years)

George Probert, Barnsley Road, Goldthorpe, checkweighman (socialist) 961 (three years)

Thomas Harold Barker, Barnburgh Lane, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist), 894 (three years)

Arthur Bailey, Homecroft Road, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist) 861 (two years)

Thomas Vaughan, 4  Barnburgh Lane, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist) 853 (two years)

James Richard Horn, 97 Barnsley Rd, Goldthorpe, chemist (independent) 813 (two years)

Charles A Ellis, 5 Melton Ave, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist), 809 (one year)

Thomas Swift, Probert Avenue, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist) 803 (one year)

Charles Baddeley, 27 welfare view, Goldthorpe, miner (socialist) 720 (one year)

South Ward (six members)

Archibald Fouchard, 29 Chapel St, Bolton, colliery worker (socialist) 586 (for three years)

Percy Philipson, Furlong Road, Goldthorpe, master joiner (independent) 556 (three years)

John Petty, Chapel Street, Bolton, retired miner (socialist), 530, (two years)

George M Rowley, Wath Road, Bolton, miner (socialist) 510 (two years)

Frederick Heely, the Crescent, Bolton, miner (socialist) 501 (one year)

James W Beckford, Park End Road, Goldthorpe, chemist assistant (socialist) 477 (one year)

East ward (six members)

George Hardwick, Fir tree Avenue, Thurnscoe, miner (socialist) 528 (for three years)

Henry Riley, Thornley Crescent, Thurnscoe, miner (socialist), 521 (three years)

Charles H Williams, Lidgett Lane, Thurnscoe, general dealer, 513 (two years)

James M Ingamells, Garden City, Thurnscoe, miner’s (socialist) 460 (two years)

George H Taylor, Lidgett Lane, Thurnscoe, colliery under manager (independent), 408 (one year)

Mrs Ellen Burtoft, Thornley Crescent, married (socialist) 396 (1 year)

West Ward (6 members)

Arthur Bramhan, High Street, Thurnscoe, plumber (independent) 748 (for three years)

Mark Lane Nokes, J.P., Red house cottage, Thurnscoe, ret checkweighman (independent) 740 (three years)

Walter M Starkey, Houghton Rd, Thurnscoe, checkweighman (socialist), 594 (two years)

Francis Settle, Butcher Street, Thurnscoe, timekeeper (independent) 574 (two years)

John William Fawcett, Manor Square, Thurnscoe, miner (independent), 500 (one year)

James A Yardley, Merrill Rd, Thurnscoe, trade union official (socialist) 460 (one year)