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350-House Estate For Thurnscoe

July 1949

outh Yorkshire Times July 30, 1949

350-House Estate For Thurnscoe

Dearne Urban Council’s ambitious scheme for opening up the Whyn Wood Housing Estate at Thurnscoe as their first big post-war housing mention at Thurnscoe, was taken a stage further at the Council meeting on Friday.

The Clerk, Mr. F. Hawksworth, told a ‘South Yorkshire  Times’ reporter on Monday that the Council have now confirmed a Housing Committee recommendation that the suggested types of houses for the first 133 dwellings should be approved.

These types are:—Thirty type six (working kitchen and dining recess and three bedrooms); 51 type five (working kitchen with large middle room and three bedrooms); 41 type three (working kitchen, living room and two bedrooms); seven type two (kitchen-living room, sitting room and three bedrooms) and four type one (kitchen-living room, sitting room and three bedrooms).

The site is situated at the rear of Low Grange Farm area and Pangbourne Road.

Mr, Hawksworth explained that this scheme of approximately 350 houses would be larger than the new Carrhead Estate at Bolton.

This Bolton scheme, on which 30 houses lemain to be completed, is now, with the exception of the proposed public house, cinema and shopping centre virtually complete.

On Friday the Council also decided to invite tenders for the first instalment of roads and sewers on the Whyn Wood Estate.

To date the Council’s building activity at Thurnscoe has been confined to the erection of 32 B.I.S.F. houses in Kingsway